My Public Speaking Experiences

My Public Speaking Experiences - applause went to me Once I...

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                                    My Public Speaking Experiences When I was in kindergarten I had my first public speaking  experience. I was only five years old when I had to stand before  my class and tell who I was and what I like to do. I remember  saying that my name was Andrew Jeon Sims and that I liked to  play with my dog. This was a great experience for me especially  since I found out that I wasn’t the only person that liked to play  with their dog. Moving on to my later years I had an appearance  in a school play called “The Great Kapok Tree” the few words I  had to say were now in front of a much larger audience, but never  the less I played my “sloth” role very well, even though they were  clapping for all of us at the end of the play, I felt as if all the 
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Unformatted text preview: applause went to me. Once I moved on to middle school my public speaking appearances started to become very rare. My only public speaking appearance in middle school came by the way of the school spelling bee; I made it to the third round before I was eliminated. Throughout high school I participated in a club called VOCA where students would make projects and present them in front of judges for competition. I did this in the area of Video Production for four consecutive years and gained first place in three of those four years. My most recent public speaking appearance is currently happening right here in front of my wildcat family and our “Moma Kitten”. In closing I would like to say that I hope you all enjoyed my speech and I look forward to many more……. .... Have a Wildcat day!...
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My Public Speaking Experiences - applause went to me Once I...

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