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Nelson Montana Author, Musician, Actor Posted: July 13, 2009 06:31 PM BIO Become a Fan Get Email Alerts Bloggers' Index Steroids in Sports: Bring 'em On! digg stumble reddit ShareThis Read More: Steroids Sports Drug Laws Prohibition Baseball Drugs Politics Health Baby Boomers Aging , Entertainment News 5    Share     vote now     Buzz up!     Get Breaking News Alerts never spam Share Print Comments
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I'm not sure it's possible to be more fed up with more misinformation, more erroneous opining and more reefer madness hysteria surrounding steroids and their role in sports. It's time to set the record straight. Attempting to stop steroid use in sports is about as dumb as trying to stop drug use in general. Wasn't that tried once before? Oh yeah, it was called Prohibition. How'd that work out again? If I got my facts straight, alcoholism rose, along with related crime, tax revenue from sales were lost, exacerbating the Great Depression, all the while profits were being reaped by the underworld. Nice work DEA! Current drug laws cost us billions in a failed attempt at controlling the traffic. Time, effort and finances are wasted on incarceration when they should be spent on rehabilitation. Additional crime is committed by those who must steal in order to get enough money to purchase the drugs. So whom do these laws protect? Not me. You can put a pound of heroin on my living room table and I won't touch it. If someone else wants to be an idiot and take it, let them. It's the quintessential victimless crime. But that's a gripe for another time. In previous articles, I've written from an editorial point of view where the topic may be discussed, debated, commended or condemned -- though the retorts often tend to be of a conflating nature and the opponents engage in ad hominem tactics. Be that as it may, this is a little different. I've been involved with the application of anabolic steroids for over 10 years. I've
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steroids source 2 - Nelson Montana Author Musician Actor...

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