P.S. Notes for 4-25-11 - PERU CONTINUED. *Last lecture*...

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*Last lecture* Review on Wednesday SENDERO Ideology - Reverence for Guzman. - The creation of an Indian state in Peru, after the overthrow of capitalism. o Leaders of S/L mostly white and educated; rank and file supporters mostly Indians. - Violence as Purifying o “We reaffirm ourselves in revolutionary violence as the universal law to take Power and as the essence for substituting one class for another…” Very very bloodthirsty. 1980 – Armed insurgency began - Set afire polling stations and hanged dogs from poles around Lima with placards saying bad things. S/L’s Tactics - Targeted killings of local government officials, land owners, clergy, and activists not affiliated with them. - Also, exemplary punishments, bombings of “imperialist” symbols and random shootings of pedestrians. o Particularly revengeful of adultery. - 1980-1999, blew up Lima’s electric towers over 1,500 times. For special events, like Pope’s visit or Guzman’s birthday, lit a hammer and sickle ablaze on a hillside overlooking Lima. - “Shadow Governments” o Made themselves in charge. o Set in rural areas of Peru, making youth join. - MRTA (1983-) o Splinter group from APRA. Communist, but some differences. o Fought with S/L not only about ideas, but also about narcotics. o Killed “only” about 200 people during the “time of fear” 1980-1992. Peruvian government Fights Back - Governments mobilized peasants into militias. 1980-1992 (Undeclared War) - Many killed. - Over half killed by Shining Path; 1/3 by government. “The Disappeared”
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P.S. Notes for 4-25-11 - PERU CONTINUED. *Last lecture*...

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