P.S. Notes for 3-9-11 - P.S Notes Sudan Continued...

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P.S. Notes 3-9-2011 Sudan Continued… Referendum in January 2011 to split Sudan. - Hundreds continue to die in the conflict between the army and the rebels. George Athor - Lost S. Sudan’s elections and picked up arms against SPLM. Readings Drill - Relations between Sudan and PRC? o Not bad. Are trade and weapons friends. o China there for the oil and help them with standards of living. - Between US and North and South Sudan? o US giving much money to South Sudan. o North Sudan is not friends, but not enemys. Darfur 1. Fur and Baggara peoples - Different language and customs - Fur = farmers, Baggara herd cows o Fur may become Baggara – means changing language and lifestyle. o Fur are Black, Baggara are Arabic. Paramilitaries - Janjaweed – “Devils on horseback” 3. Darfur war begins - 2003/2004 – Rebels attack government outposts in Darfur (coordinated with Garang) 4. Why did Darfur rebel? - Repression of languages other than Arabic - Late 1980s, demand for “Arabization” of region - Unequal development (region larger than Sweden has less than 30 miles of paved roads) 5. Darfur – genocide? - U.N. – 2004, calls it “probably mass crimes against humanity” rather than “genocide” - U.S. calls it genocide 6. Darfur – rebels - SLA/SLM – Sudanese Liberation Army/Movement (three main factions at present) - JEM (Justice and Equality Movement) – have signed several truces (most recently
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P.S. Notes for 3-9-11 - P.S Notes Sudan Continued...

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