P.S. Notes for 3-30-11 - 1. Social Capital a. "Social...

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1. Social Capital a. “Social capital refers to connections among individuals – social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them. In that sense social capital is closely related to what some have called ‘civic virtue.’” 2. Putnam “Making Democracy Work” a. “America’s social fabric is even more frayed than I realized – it’s not just that Americans are quitting bowling leagues, joining the Rotary club less, and hosting fewer community barbecues.” b. Talks about how the younger generations are corrupting America’s society. i. Gives example of drug users using alone, vs. in a group. 3. Culture and Democracy a. Political culture i. The texture of political society ii. Ex. Inglehart’s ideas (materialist v. Post-materialist societies). 1. Rich countries have more time and resources to worry about things that poor countries can’t. a. Gay rights… b. Typical Political Culture argument applied to the Koreas. i. Since the people are used to a harsh and undemocratic society, human rights movements and democracy would be a foreign idea to the people. 4. Our father, the General a. Familism: The importance of family. b. Variations on this theme address familism in Korea and how this translates into patronage and corruption in politics. i.
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P.S. Notes for 3-30-11 - 1. Social Capital a. "Social...

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