Interim Letter to Wofford Folk

Interim Letter to Wofford Folk - COL Garvin showed me how...

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Dean Wood and Bernie Dunlap, Thank you for approving my independent interim project, Dentistry at Fort Jackson. I have learned multiple dental terms and I am now able to count the teeth. During my first week I worked with COL Forte, who is a comprehensive general dentist. He taught me how to shape and properly seat night-guards and crowns; also I learned how take impressions of teeth. Last week I worked with an endodontist, LTC Cater, and another comprehensive general dentist, COL Garvin. While working with LTC Cater, I learned the correct procedure for completing a root canal and a revision/retraction procedure.
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Unformatted text preview: COL Garvin showed me how to do fillings and how to classify soldiers’ teeth as being ‘war ready’ or ‘not war ready’. This week I will be working with an oral surgeon named CPT Lytle and a prosthodontist named COL Keesee. This is a once in a life time experience and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have even asked COL Cuenin, the US Army Dental Corps Commander of Fort Jackson, if he will allow me to stay another week and work with a periodontist dentist. I was pleased to hear that he granted me this opportunity. Sincerely, Cadet Andrew Hansen...
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