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Evaluation Dear Mrs. Revan, Upon creating this portfolio I have discovered that while I am not the smartest guy that comes up with the best ideas, I am a knowledgeable young man that has overcame many obstacles to be where I am right now. I completely owe any success that I may have to all the teachers, coaches, and family that have shaped and molded me into what I have become. Because of all that I have been taught over the years I am now able to do for myself and forge my future the way I see fit. As a writer I want to have better grammatical syntax in my works, and I will continue to get a better grasp on my command of language. As far as reading is concerned, I want to become better at breaking down text in an efficient time. I do not want to struggle in college because of my study habits. The ability to think for oneself is in my opinion the attribute that makes us human. I will always strive to challenge the way I think and to never settle for
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Unformatted text preview: what knowledge I have. My goals at the beginning of the year were to make a 90 or above in the class, pass the exam, and to be better prepared for the life I will live in college. Out of the three goals that I set, by far the winner was to be better prepared for the college life. I believe that I will succeed at any level English class because of what Mr. Barnes and you have taught me. Not only have I gained knowledge in class but you have given me experience that I could not have received until college. Through struggle, you have brought out the best in me. If I had to change anything it would be that I would have read the books for summer reading. Other than not reading those books and not studying a little more I am satisfied with the work that I put into the class. Thank you Mrs. Revan for making me a more knowledgeable person and for getting me started on a successful career....
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