Government Funded Cloning

Government Funded Cloning - Blake Cordell Honors...

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Blake Cordell Cordell 1 Honors Composition and Research Mr. Martin January 3, 2008 Government Funded Cloning The government for the United States of America has chosen to support research for cloning by giving money to companies and individual people who research cloning. The decision leads to a waste of tax money. Federal Funding should not further the research of cloning. Cloning is unsafe and may lead to many new mutations and diseases. All people that research cloning are unaware of the effects and results that occur and for that reason new mutations may be created which can extinct our civilization. According to the Human Genome Project (HGP) “In 2002, researchers at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, reported that the genomes of cloned mice are compromised… In analyzing more than 10,000 liver and placenta cells of cloned mice, they discovered that about 4% of genes function abnormally.” Since the genomes of mice are compromised and 4 percent of all of their genes are abnormal the chance of new mutation is dangerously high. The likelihood that cloning has been attempted on humans leads critics to believe that mutation has occurred and before long mutation will spread through genes. Also the government are in a way contradicting themselves because the government made a law that states no woman may terminate a
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Government Funded Cloning - Blake Cordell Honors...

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