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Hamlet Journal topic During our study of Hamlet, I often felt as though Hamlets life is similar to mine own. Although he is heir to the throne of Denmark and I am just a normal young man, I often found myself comparing our lives. Hamlet was shell-shocked upon the death of his father, just as I was when my parents were getting divorced. Hamlets decision to react in an insane manner was viewed as crazy in our classroom but I could understand why he did so. He wanted the truth in a time of lies, just as I often want to be told the truth during a time of lies. I hate nothing more than to be lied to. The play helped me realize that I am not the only person going through hard family times and that many people have it worse than I do. The world that I live in is harsh and unforgiving, but it is necessary to understand that there is always someone that will be there for
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Unformatted text preview: you. Horatio was there for Hamlet when no one stood beside him. In my life, it is my family and close friends that always seem to help me when I am going through a struggle. No matter what happens to you in life, having someone there to help you is priceless. I also believe that with a positive outlook on life, nothing can hold you down forever. Hamlet sort of regressed and possibly slipped in to real madness during his search for the truth. If he would have had more enthusiasm for life and let God deal with fate, then he probably would not have died the way he did. Having friends and some gusto are the perfect answers to an unforgiving world no matter how rough your situation may be....
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