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Blake Cordell 10/20/10 226 Journal Entry #6 Coming into college, I had a preset mind that success would be easy and that I would be able to conquer any task thrown my way. Well, after only a short while at USC I have found out just how hard college life really is. One of my biggest challenges so far has been how to successfully balance my USC life and my Navy life. Time management has never been a problem before for me, but now I seem to not be as punctual or prepared for my daily adventure as I once was. Splitting my school life (classes, study time…) with my Navy time and with my free time has truly been a balancing act.
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Unformatted text preview: On top of those three areas of my life, I have also been having a daily struggle with sleep, or rather the lack there of. I knew that a good night’s sleep would be a luxury in college, but I just had no idea about what college life was really like. With the early struggles that I have had with my college career, I can say that lately I have done a better job at satisfying the major different areas of my life. Hopefully as time goes on, I will become more and more comfortable with the toughness of living the college life while simultaneously trying to start my career....
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