Navy - Navy I love to help the people around me and one of...

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Navy I love to help the people around me and one of the ways that I do so is through volunteer work. I especially enjoy working with the elderly citizens of my city because they are the people that have already put their dues into society and they deserve some help in the areas that they are now weak. It has been a tradition in my family to do meals on wheels in which I get great satisfaction from the smiling faces of the elderly. They are wise from experience and I gain more from them in knowledge then I give to them in help. I have some family with alzheimers so I know how to handle some older people very well. I also go to our local soup kitchen and volunteer serving the people that need help. The satisfaction I get from helping someone in need is great and I can only hope that if I was down and out someone would do the same for me. I love to be a part of what goes on around me. For the school clubs I am a member of the National Honor Society, National Beta club, and Asian-American Awareness club. I have been a representative for the Beta club for all four years and I was a miniority representative for the Asian-American Awareness club. I plan to be the president of the National Honor Society next year. I love to be involved in sports and I play with my friends all of the time. Sports are a big part of my life because I love them and they consume a large part of my life. I take pride in my athleticism and all of my hard work and dedication pays off for my school. The coaching that I have recieved deserves any of the credit that I have received, it was the coaches that taught me what i learned and it is because of them that I am what I am
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Navy - Navy I love to help the people around me and one of...

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