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The 24th Amendment - then by the next election they had to...

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Blake Cordell PG 2 nd Block The 24 th Amendment The 24 th amendment The amendment was proposed in the 27 th of August in 1962. The amendment was ratified in the 23 rd of January in 1964. During this time the battle between black and white was still going on. The white people felt that they were losing their power and some of them decided to have a poll tax admitted after the reconstruction period. A poll tax taxes people to cast a vote. While the tax was not much to most of the white people it was rather expensive to most of the black population who were struggling to keep food on the table. In some states the people would be charged an accumulative tax which would act like rollover taxes. If a person had not paid their tax to vote one year
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Unformatted text preview: then by the next election they had to pay for the current election and for the past one. This was the racists white’s way of keeping the power in their hands. • The amendment was proposed by the congress. This required a two-thirds vote from them. The amendment was ratified by the states. • In the ratification of the 24 th amendment the Supreme Court had decided that having a poll tax on the state level was unconstitutional. There was a 6 to 3 vote in the case Harper v. Virginia State Board of Elections. Although the Congress and the states retain the power to broaden constitutional protections beyond what the Court has ruled to do, the Supreme Court and some other forms of power may act on their belief....
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