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Blake Cordell PG 2nd Vocabulary 3 psychological factors influencing voter turnout 1. Some view party attachment as a form of social identity, which is similar to a religious or ethnic identity. 2. Some View party attachment as a perceptual screen, a view of the political world that can sort through any conflicting information that one may encounter in life 3. The third way party identification is characterized is that it is perceived as changeable. One's experiences (whether positive or negative) with the party's performance in office helps the individual make voting decisions without knowing much about the party's candidate. 5 factors influencing nomination 1. To influence nomination a person must have faith in the system. 2. Also a person must have some amount of faith in the person in their party. 3. The person usually has previous experience voting 4. Order must be present in the system in order for the person to vote. 5. If the past president had a bad term then the representative from that party may
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