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Blake Cordell PG 2 nd Vocabulary Political Party- an organization to gain political power Major party- a political party with enough electoral strength to periodically gain control of the government or to effectively oppose the party in power. Coalition- An alliance, especially a temporary one, of people, factions, parties, or nations. Five Functions of a Political party 1- Nominating Function- exclusive function of parties/select candidates to run for office 2- Informer-Stimulator Function- Educates the voters about the issues/motivates them to vote 3- Bonding Agent Function- Adheres the candidates to the Party/ensures candidates with good character 4- Governmental Function- Parties run the government; 5- Watchdog Function- the Party out-of-power reminds the voters of all mistakes by the Party-in-power Minor Party- a political party with so little electoral strength that its chance of gaining control of the government is slight. Two-Party system -a political system consisting chiefly of two major parties, more or less equal in strength. Four background reasons for 2 party system Historical Basis- we began this country with Federalists and Anti federalists debating the US Constitution Force of Tradition- We all grew up with two parties, people are uncomfortable with change Electoral System- The only way to guarantee 50% + 1 is if there are only two parties American Ideological Consensus- All Americans agree with the same basic rights and political ideas such as freedom of speech, religion, universal suffrage
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Vocabulary-PG - Blake Cordell PG 2nd Vocabulary Political...

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