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Blake Cordell Young Goodman Brown Journal Topic In the short story “Young Goodman Brown” Nathaniel Hawthorne illustrates his idea that the puritan belief is hypocritical and corrupt through the use of appearance verses reality, duplicity, and dual nature. The puritans taught that man was inherently evil in nature, they presented themselves as pure, holy, righteous, moral people when, according to their very own teachings, they were people enveloped by sin and evil. The puritans would present this appearance that they were pure when in reality they were just as sinful and human as anyone else. Hawthorne criticized the puritans as a group that were “a city upon a hill” and that they wanted to be seen as such. Duplicity helps to symbolize that nothing is as it seems. The old man  that seems to be harmless and could be taken as a beacon of wisdom turns out to be the devil; which takes  on many forms in Brown’s journey. Even his teacher, the person whom he has learned from, is indulging 
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Unformatted text preview: in evil. The last person he would expect to be partaking in evil before him is his wife. She should be tucked in bed waiting for him to return but instead she is also here. Not only are the people that Brown meet duplicitous, nature is also. Goodman brown meets a character that one could argue could be a number of individuals such as his elder, the devil, or even a combination of both. This unknown person is carrying a staff that is both a staff and a wriggling “serpent”. The staff is an aid and concurrently an instigator for Brown because it helps him walk at first but later he uses it to “fly” and challenge evil. Hawthorne shows that despite the puritans proposed ideal of being righteous there is no escape of being human and committing evil....
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