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Young Goodman Brown Journal Topic In the short story “Young Goodman Brown” Nathaniel Hawthorne illustrates his idea that the puritan belief is hypocritical and corrupt. The puritans taught that man was inherently evil by their own nature. The Puritans presented themselves as pure, holy, righteous, moral people when, according to their very own teachings, they were people enveloped by sin and evil. I feel that this short story is very true for all men during all time periods. I hate that human nature is geared to be hypocritical but that is the world I have grown accustom to. The puritans would present this appearance that they were pure when in reality they were just as sinful and human as anyone else.
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Unformatted text preview: Hawthorne criticized the puritans as a group that were “a city upon a hill” and that they wanted to be seen as such. Even the teacher, the person whom Brown has learned from, is indulging in evil. This proves that no one is free from indulging in sin. The world that I live in is exactly this way. Everyone feels that they are above sin and since the world is like this no one can truly believe everyone is equal. I believe that, as a nation and as a race, man will not fully reach their potential until each individual stops believing that they are above everyone else. People that truly believe and act as though the world revolves around them are the reason why our race will never be the best we can be....
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