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Book Review Guide POLI 360 Fall 2010

Book Review Guide POLI 360 Fall 2010 - Ben K Advice for the...

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Ben K Advice for the Book Reviews POLI 360 Students, For those of you who are taking the book review option for your paper (rather than the term paper), I would like to go over my expectations beyond what Dr. Fowler wrote on his syllabus. To reiterate the syllabus, the point of these series of assignments is NOT to merely show me that you read the book (although this will be quite clear from the analysis I receive), but rather, is designed to show me that you know how to critically analyze a book and write a review as to whether I should read it or not. I will not go over the format in great detail, as Dr. Fowler wrote about this on the syllabus. Rather, it is your job to create an argument. Pedagogically, I see undergraduate education as offering opportunities for undergraduate students to learn how to create an argument and support it with useful evidence. In a nutshell, this means I want something that is well-argued in the two to three pages of space that you have. I had these types of assignments
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