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Interviewing - Interviewing Presentations-Section 10 Fall 009 This assignment asks you to form your own teams of three or four(specifically four

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Interviewing Presentations—Section 10 Fall 009 This assignment asks you to form your own teams of three or four (specifically: four groups of four members and two groups of three members). Each team member will choose one advertisement that relates to your interests and goals and prepare to be interviewed for such a position. Each group member must choose his/her own ad and it needs to be an actual, real advertisement or call for a job, an internship, or graduate school—namely an application for which you would likely be interviewed in person. Each team member will be interviewed by the other group members and will rotate interviewing among the members so each member will be interviewed by the rest of the group. In that way, everyone will play the role of interviewee once and interviewer for the other group members. The interviewers can ask questions that relate to the prepared questions and/or can add their own questions. The interviewers can have notes and other materials but the
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