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Risk Communication Option

Risk Communication Option - Risk Communication Option...

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Risk Communication Option: Preparation Worksheet The assignment indicates that your group needs to meet four basic objectives in the symposium, however you divide your topic among yourselves. I have listed some questions for each of these objectives that may help guide your research and preparation. You don’t have to answer all of the questions for each objective as a requirement for the speeches, but thinking about them and answering them while you prepare may help you develop your symposium to provide a deeper understanding of the risk campaign and what we can learn from it. Some questions, as you will note, are different wordings to get at the ideas in different ways, so don’t be confused if you see some overlap. To be clear: you need not hand in anything from this worksheet; it is merely designed to help you think about the objectives when you prepare. Objective 1: Inform the Audience about the Particular Risk Situation a. What type of risk? b. How was the risk assessed (who and what method, etc.)? c. What is currently known and unknown about the risk? d. How serious is the risk (probability, harms, etc.)? e. How is the risk currently perceived or prioritized by the relevant public? Media? etc.
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