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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA POLI 362 - P OLITICS AND THE M ASS M EDIA Spring 2010 M IDTERM E XAM – S TUDY Q UESTIONS 1. Write an essay in which you discuss and analyze the relationship between democratic theory and the role of media in ancient (Greek-Roman), early American, and modern (democratic) systems. In your essay you should discuss the impact of technology on participation in an open, democratic system. 2. Write an essay in which you describe the relationship between the various segments of population in terms of their efficacy and their use of the media. In your essay include an analysis of how the media affects change in the three levels of political beliefs that characterize the American public. 3. Write an essay on the role and impact of the Internet in American politics.
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Unformatted text preview: Describe its characteristics as it relates to its users, its usefulness in campaigns, its growth and its future impact on American politics. 4. The FCC Commission has a mandate to review and provide standards for media ownership. Write an essay in which you state the central consideration, practical and theoretical, in giving this authority to the FCC. 5. Describe the typical daydeadlines, news programs, size and composition of audiencesfor a local TV station, and a daily newspaperlocal or regional. Contrast these schedules with TV broadcast networks and 24 hour TV news networks. Be detailed and specific....
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