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Review Sheet: Text Concepts Exam #3 Chapters 16-17, 10-12 Chapter 16 Exhibit 16-3; 16-4 Objectives pp. 411-413 Skimming pricing policy (p. 416) Penetration pricing (p. 418) Reduction from list prices (pp. 420-423) Allowances (pp. 423-424) Define: unfair trade pricing (p. 429), dumping (p. 429), price discrimination (p. 432) Chapter 17 Markups (pp. 439-442) Break-even analysis (pp. 446-448) Define: marginal analysis (p. 448), 3 kinds of total cost (p. 443), average cost pricing (p. 444) Define: value in use pricing (p. 452), reference prices (p. 453), bait pricing (p. 455), psychological pricing (p. 455), product bundle pricing (p. 458)
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10 Direct or indirect section (pp. 250-254) Reduction of discrepancies (pp. 254-255) Define: channel captain (p. 257), vertical marketing systems (p. 259), corporate channel systems (p. 259), direct marketing (p. 253) P. 262 ideal exposure, intensive, selective, exclusive distribution Chapter 11 Define logistics and physical distribution (p. 272) Physical distribution concept (pp. 275-276) Exhibit 11-2 Supply chain (p. 278), electronic data interchange (EDI) (p. 279) Transporting alternatives (pp. 282-286) Distribution centers (p. 289)...
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