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Unformatted text preview: Collaborative Report Writing Dr. R. T. Lambdin Sapa Did You Know? Collaborative writing is more popular now because of email! Team Writing Projects Team writing projects are valuable because 1. Easier for everyoneall do a small part so that their regular job does not suffer 2. If everyone does their part well, the sum of the total is a much better document than anyone could do alone This Is Called Group Synergy Producing the Report After the information has been researched the team leader A. Assigns the parts in order B. Puts it all together at the end C. Makes sure all team members get a hard copy Report Steps 1. Gather information 2. Interpret information and put in own words 3. Make outline to organize paper areas 4. Assign writing parts Report Steps (cont.) 5. Revise collaborativelyvia email (Or get together and pass out each section. Write changes on the drafts.) 6. Make sure each member edits each section because everybody is equally responsible for final product 7. Leader edits final product 8. Leader gets copy to all team members Report Parts 1. Clear binder (spiral bound) 2. Title fly 3. Title page 4. Letter of transmittali(center bottom) 5. Table of contentsii " " 6. List of illustrationsiii " " 7. Executive summaryiv " " Report Parts (cont.) Report Proper (henceforth all pages numbered top right) 8. Introduction1 9. Body (all divisions and subdivisions) 10. Conclusion Report Parts (cont.) End matter 11. Appendix (other related materials) 12. Works Cited Never use all online sources (include books and journals) Title Fly Title and logo on first page Protects report Title tells what report covers in a nutshell If title is more than one line, double space to second line 14 point font or larger Title Page Start 1/3 down (centered) 1/2 down (middle of page) 1/3 up from bottom goes date Title Prepared for Dr. Robert Lambdin, Sapa Prepared by (all team members, titles) 2 spaces down from final team member Letter of Transmittal On letterhead Written to me (like preface of book) Short summary of project Comments to help reader understand Acknowledge assistance outside team Sales tool (wonder of project) Warm, enthusiastic toneFriendly! Table of Contents Lists all main divisions and subdivisions and the page each starts on All need 2 parts at leastof approximately equal length and parallel Ex. Not dining, going to sleep (sleeping), swimming List of Illustrations Here you list all 1. Tables 2. Graphs 3. Charts 4. Pictures 5. Page numbers Executive Summary The executive summary relates the entire report in one page (35 paragraphs) This is all some people read (so it really needs to cover all material!) Introduction Formal 3rd person (no "you' or "I") Origin of idea Statement of findings Methods used to reach conclusions Body Bold headings to divide Be specific ("maintenance costs" vs. "costs") Some Ways to Divide Body Locations accessibility Entertainment Beverages Employee compensation systems Advertising Consumer cost structure Overhead expenses Or. . . Production feasibility Financial considerations Strength of competition Consumer demands Marketing options Body Tips Make sure Transitions are smooth between sections (segues) Each team member edits every part The text has straight, nonjagged margins That graphs and figures are worked logically into the text (see fig. 6) Conclusion/Appendix Conclusion: Appendix Wrap it up Make recommendation Related material NonCritical Unessential but interesting Your Smiling Face Here you will include a section that contains: Your picture and A brief biography. Works Cited List ALL SOURCES!! Book Do not only use internet; use books, journals, etc. Author last name, first. Book Title. City of pub: publisher, year. Author last, first. "Title of Article," Journal, month, year, pages Article APA!!! Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Good luck! Ultimate! ...
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