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Unformatted text preview: Business Letter Format Dr. Robert Lambdin Sapa Not an Acronym But First Who contributes more to USC than any other discipline? MSB grads! Shouldn't MSB put you up in hotels the night before a big test? Anything else? Now Back to our regularly scheduled discussion. Style Most Common Block with mixed punctuation on letterhead Block: q Date and signature lined up at left margin q No paragraph indentation (skip line between paragraphs) Mixed Punctuation Colon after salutation Ex.--Dear Dr. Lambdin: Ex.--Love and kisses, Comma after complimentary close R. T. Lambdin, Ph.D., Sapa, Dammit Letterhead Name and Logo of Company On top Usually centered External Spacing Center text vertically on page with equal amounts of white space around it Like matting around a framed picture Amount of space around edges varies according to length of document Top is dateline Bottom is last line of notations Internal Spacing Dateline Write out month Start at left margin 2-6 line down depending on length of letter and how much room printed letterhead takes up Inside address--2 lines down from dateline and directly under it Spacing (cont.) Use Courtesy title (Dr. Mr. Ms.) Use job title (Sapa) Can be after with comma Can be on another line depending on spacing needs Next line is company name Then address To the Salutation! Double space down to salutation Don't use first name (just Dear Dr. Lambdin) Unless you know the person well Never both names here Double space down to Summary line Finally, the Body Paragraph one Bold headings Double space to list Triple space to next bold heading Complimentary close 2 or 3 lines down 4 Acceptable Complimentary Closes Sincerely Have you ever really been sincere? Don't use this!!! Best wishes Respectfully Cordially Sign Here, Please After complimentary close, leave 3 or 4 spaces Signature Type name and title (as before) Double space Initials Upper case of writer Lower case of typist Other Stuff Enc: Enclosure CC: Once meant "carbon copy" Now means "computer copy" 2nd page Headers Ms. Jane Willis June 11, 2002 page 2 Ms. Jane Willis 2 June 11, 2002 Start at left margin This runs across the top. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? ...
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