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Writing Cases Lambdin Sapa, Dammit You Sapæ-in-Training Why the Case The case method is a surrogate for personal experience in learning about complex business situations. By studying, analyzing, and solving a number of case studies you will: Gain experience in problem solving and business decision-making. Improve your skills in diagnosing complex business problems. Integrate what you have learned from all your previous business courses and apply that knowledge to tangible situations. Develop logical analysis skills. Learn to present information and recommendations in a clear and concise manner. Our Case Based on a real situation. Others may be disguised to maintain the anonymity of the companies and people involved. Contain a different blend of information and anecdotes about an organization, its business environment, and the people who manage it. However a case cannot fully reflect the complex sets of interacting problems that constitute reality. Instead, a case is an abstraction, extracted out of reality through the analysis of the case-writer. Thus, no case will ever contain all the facts you would like to know in order to make the best possible decision. Never Assume If you find that information you need to analyze a case is missing or incomplete you have the same two choices. You can do research to get that information or you can make reasonable assumptions based on the information you already have. Cases require that you make some assumptions. It is important that you make them carefully and that they are stated clearly. If you have to make assumptions in your case analysis, make them explicit and explain why you believe they are justified. Do not confuse your assumptions with the facts in the case. Other Stuff Outside sources may be used. You should not hesitate to draw upon specialized knowledge you already possess as a result of your work experience Or other courses you have taken in the past. When you feel it could help your analysis, you may do outside research on the historical context or the business environment in which the case is situated.
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If you make use of any outside information be sure to identify it as such cite the source, and only use data from, or before, the time period of the case. HOW TO APPROACH A CASE
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Writing Cases - Writing Cases Lambdin Sapa Dammit You...

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