EMAIL - Short email can go in subject line followed by...

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EMAIL Dr. Robert Lambdin Retired MGMT 250 Introduction Most informal form of business writing Cheapest written form Fast Supports collaboration on document drafts Allows easy interaction up and down company hierarchy Direct Sales Vehicle Personalized Accurate Fast Cheap All good for advertising Things to Know Cookies: Track web habits Personalized pitch: Keep record of buying habits and send ads for similar products Online presence: Somebody selling in chat rooms Remember about Email at Work Owned by whoever pays server In system forever Easily forwarded Informal tone can make you sound silly or unhappy How Email Differs from Memo Tone is much less formal Has salutation and complimentary close Does not say “Memorandum” at top Has Date To From Subject “RE”: Reply has previous message attached Exact time printed on it More Differences Subject line less exact and formal (can be catchy or funny)
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Unformatted text preview: Short email can go in subject line followed by upper case “EOM” Example: Subject: Tues. 4:15 meeting cancelled. EOM. If lots of replies have been sent, end it and start fresh: “Re: RE: RE: RE: Question” NO! Send only the part you are responding to and delete the rest. Email Acronyms ASAP EOM FYI BTW FAQ TMOT KMA WARNING Beware hostile and unexpected use of email Flaming: People are less inhibited with email (compared to phone, in person, letter) More likely to swear or insult in email than in any other form of professional communication. Remember Email is permanent, even of deleted It can and will be subpoenaed as evidence in court! Netiquette Rules for Work Don’t Flame Don’t Spam Don’t SHOUT Lurk before You Leap Concise and Unified (Aristotle: Short and only one topic) No smiley faces Use spell check! QUESTIONS?...
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EMAIL - Short email can go in subject line followed by...

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