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Unformatted text preview: Developing Ads: Purpose Dr. R. T. Lambdin Sapa, Dammit Huge in Italy MGMT 250 But First Which Network leads the way in indecency complaints? A. CBS B. NBC C. ABC D. Fox E. MSNBC F. CNN The answer: With over 300, 000 complaint (188,000 for one show!) Purpose: Get Audience to Buy! Make a consumer consume 1. Give enough information for consumer to make a decision (cover all the basics) 2. Overcome objections to avoid buying delay Even in direct mail sales the set up is indirect Appeals--Aristotelian Ethos Pathos Logos Set Up 1. Gain Attention: Creative/Imaginative Emotional anecdote Dramatic product testimonial Paint a scene in mind Star power Humor Intriguing question Use the technique that best sells and sets up your overall sales strategy More Set up 2. Create Desire: "You" attitude Realize psychological response of consumer to undermine resistance You need this product so you can be Smarter, Younger, Sexier (Like our celebrity spokesperson whom we know you already admire) 3. Request Immediate Action Delays =lost sales A. "Offer Ends Soon" Make delays cost them; create a time limit B. Show how acting now is in their best interest Best Case Scenario for Profit A great product, service, or cause Fills real need Can be mailed Appeals to a specific group Great mailing list and accurate demographs/ psychographs All accurate--Names, addresses, phone #s, emails, states of people who really want and need your product And. . . Appealing advertisement Believable Links benefit to consumer so audience recognizes own needs and desires Motivates an Immediate Response Sarah McGlaughlin Developing Ads 2 Laws of Advertisements Know the product Know consumer Understanding the Product Always ask these questions: 1. What need does the product meet? or What benefit does it provide? or What problem does it solve? More Questions 2. How much does it cost you and the customer? What exactly is the buyer getting? 3. What options are available? 4. How is it different from the competition? 5. Is it easy to use, install and maintain? But the Main Question is: What is its biggest selling point? (Begin Strategy Here) Understanding the Consumer In Sales Always use Indirect Approach (Folks don't like to part with money) Need Convincing (Consumers always are a Resilient, Hostile audience!) Two Main Divisions in Sales 1. Demographics Prioritize the issues Statistical data: Education, age, income, marital status, children Example: High school educated couple One Income Renting Sell them macaroni & cheese! 2. Psychographics Mental State: Attitudes, tastes, beliefs, values, goals, lifestyle Example Liberal, democrat, vegetarian, save the whales and rain forests Sell them tofu! Never Forget Wannabes But Mostly. . . Get a picture of your typical consumer in your mind and write ads for him or her Appeal to the target audience Choose a Central Selling Focus with 2 or 3 supporting details Types of Ads TV, Radio, Magazine, Computer Pamphlets, Brochures, Billboards Product placement: telemarketing Direct mail Sales Most Common Letter (most important) Reply cards Brochures Pamphlets Questions? Don't make boo boos on these! ...
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