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Unformatted text preview: Memoranda Dr. Robert Lambdin, What? You Know MGMT 250 MGMT 250 Sapa, Dammit! But First USC: 1-0 USF: 1-0 ODU: 0-1 To Date: +15 Misc. The Other Question Answer: Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 Thus Spoke Zarathustra Richard Strauss Inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche's what? Philosophical Treatise: Also sprach Zarathustra Believe It or Not Snooki fined $500 for annoying N.J. beachgoers How much should she be fined for annoying us daily? What It Is A memo is a hard-copy (sent on paper) document used for communicating inside an organization. It is usually short (subjective) All contain To, From, Date, Subject and Message sections Always Initialed Top of all Memos Date: September 8, 2010 To: Dr. Robert T. Lambdin, Sapa From: Harris Pastides, President Subject: Mandatory Summer School Why? Memos have a twofold purpose: They bring attention to problems and they solve problems. They accomplish their goals by informing the reader about new information Policy changes or Price increases. They persuade the reader to take an action: Attend a meeting Or change a current production procedure. Regardless of the specific goal, memos are most effective when they connect the purpose of the writer with the interests and needs of the reader Also May be formal May be informal May be a report! Technique First line: No bold heading Summarize project Example: For our project, we will survey Clemson fans to discover why exactly they (some 60,000 strong) enjoy sitting year after year and watching a bad product. More Technique State the desired objective Use multiple points if necessary Remember about Memos: No salutation No complimentary close (No Love and kisses,) No signature (No Klem Son) Initial after name on "From" line For Team project memos, use each team member's name and have her initial it Further Technique Split the rest by OBVIOUS divisions Examples: Resources Costs Misc. Others for Proposal? FYI If you ever run out of gas: More Techniques Use Bold headings and either Paragraphs or Bulleted lists (more than 3 items in a list). Bold Headings Capitalize only the first letter of each word: Cost Structure of Miscellaneous Account Entries Orphans Big No No!!! An Orphan is a Bold Heading on the bottom of a page. The list that follows begins of the next page. Avoid this at all costs! F! Also Avoid near orphans! Other Techniques If you use paragraphs rather than bulleted lists, do not indent the paragraphs Single space all business text REPEAT: Single space all business text Skip line between paragraphs Why repeat this 2 days in a row? Other Spacing Do not indent paragraphs Double space after bold heading Triple space after text before the next bold heading The sport Of Curling Canada Vs US Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Good for you! Monday: Team 2 Song Day Meet with teams! Final Topic Needed! ...
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