bLeadership - B. Knows when you will check it A Happy...

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Leadership Dr. Robert Lambdin Sapa/Leader/ You Name It! Can You See? Visualize success Create a mental image of your goals and you can achieve anything! What is Greatness? Great Leaders do not indulge in impulse spending of money or time. Effective Use of Time 1. Write everything down 2. Categorize 3. Prioritize The 4 resources of All Business 1. Money 2. People 3. Equipment 4. Time Always Remember Timing is significant in negotiating with subordinates Good leaders are great communicators Good communicators get people to understand and act ! The Goal Communicating parties must 1. Reach closure 2. Produce accountability A. Subordinate agrees to do something and
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Unformatted text preview: B. Knows when you will check it A Happy Employee. . . Motivation is the key Ask yourself: What will make subordinates produce? Remember Delphi Know the employees to find out what they want 1. Ask questions/solicit advice 2. Listen--Look into their eyes, lean forward into space 3. Build their dignity to avoid defensiveness Theyre Smiling in Your Face Never allow in-house bickering A huge stumbling block to production is in-house fighting Insist that everyone behave politely In a Nutshell Clearly state your goals up front Questions? Comments? Suggestions?...
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bLeadership - B. Knows when you will check it A Happy...

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