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profcomm - Agencies Unions Customers Media Potential...

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Professional Communications Dr. Robert Lambdin, Sapa Definition Professional Communication is an exchange of ideas that produces desired results. Some Types of Professional Communication Email Memo Report Letter Instructional Phone Conversations How Long One Person Waits to See Another Video Ads Photo Voice Mail Eye Contact Gestures Size/Placement of Office All Socially Situated Tasks Must Persuade Aristotle (384-322 B.C) Master of Persuasion Greek Rhetorician In the Rhetoric , ΡετορικϋσAristotle notes A Good Persuasive Bit of Communication is Coherent and Unified (Easily Understood and Dealing with One Topic) 3 Types of Persuasive Appeals Ethos (Ethical) Pathos (Emotional) Logos (Rational) Laws of Writing Know Thy Audience Know Thy Purpose Show--Don’t Tell Know Thy Audience 3 Audience Types 1. Internal Organizational Messages: Written to superiors, subordinates, & peers. 2. External Organizational Messages: Written to Suppliers, Stockholders, Gov’t
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Unformatted text preview: Agencies, Unions, Customers, Media, Potential Employees 3. Personal Messages: Written especially to Flirt & to Complain Know Thy Purpose What Do You Hope to Accomplish? What Should Your Audience Do, Feel, or Think after Experiencing Your Message? 3 Main Purposes (Usually all 3 in 1 Message!) 1. Inform 2. Persuade 3. Build Goodwill (even in a negative communication as a part of business ethics). Show, Don’t Tell Be Specific, Prove Your Point. The Discourse Community in Business Believes in Examples and Percentages. Examples : No : Earnings were up last year. Yes : Our profits increased 37% for Jan. 2001-Jan. 2002. No : We need to hire more laborers. Yes : We need 10 experienced machinists who know how to make bolts to hold airplane door composite materials. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Vamoose!!!...
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