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BALL OF CONFUSION (THAT'S WHAT THE WORLD IS TODAY) WRITERS NORMAN WHITFIELD, BARRETT STRONG 1, 2. .. 1, 2, 3, 4, Ow! Eddie: People moving out, people moving in. Why, because of the color of their skin. Run, run, run but you sure can't hide. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Vote for me and I'll set you free. Rap on, brother, rap on. Dennis: Well, the only person talking about love thy brother is the. ..(preacher.) And it seems nobody's interested in learning but the. ..(teacher.) Segregation, determination, demonstration, integration, Aggravation, humiliation, obligation to our nation. Ball of confusion. Oh yeah, that's what the world is today. Woo, hey, hey. Paul: The sale of pills are at an all time high. Young folks walking round with their heads in the sky. The cities ablaze in the summer time. And oh, the beat goes on. Dennis: Evolution, revolution, gun control, sound of soul. Shooting rockets to the moon, kids growing up too soon.
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