Are the benefits equitable or adequate social

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Unformatted text preview: benefits "equitable" or "adequate"? Social Security Social Security 1939 Amendments PS 374 (October 29 2009) 7 Coverage extended to: Social Security 1939 Amendments Regularly employed farm workers Domestic laborers Workers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands Federal employees not otherwise covered by Civil Service Retirement ... and state and local government workers who are not covered by a retirement system Employees of nonprofit organization are allowed to participate... PS 374 (October 29 2009) Social Security 8 Social Security September 1950 Benefits rise 77% from 1939 1954 and 1956 Add: Selfemployed farmers, most selfemployed professionals Military personnel are now included Ministers, "religious orders", state and local public employees could now join 1956 Disability Insurance Program added Social Security 9 PS 374 (October 29 2009) Social Security 1959 35.2% of those over 65 have "inadequate incomes" (S.S.A.) 1960 Nixon and Kennedy call for a program of Medical Assistance to the Aged Early 1960's Federal programs designed to encourage work (e.g. 1962 Manpower Development and Training Act) also encourage the elderly to retire prematurely, with inadequate incomes... Social Security 10 PS 374 (October 29 2009) Social Security 1964 S.S.A. develops and reports a "poverty index" 1965 Medicare adopted Medicaid also adopted (federal and state governments share responsibility for health care for the poor) Social Security Part A hospital insurance Part B voluntary, supplemental insurance, mostly to pay for doctors and medical tests Greatly expands KerrMills program of medical insurance for aged PS 374 (October 29 2009) 11 Social Security 1971 Advisory Council on Social Security recommends automatic adjustments in benefits 1972 (June 30) Congress authorizes a 20% increase in benefits (to take place in October) (Oct. 3)... OASDI expanded Long term disabled can get Medicare Increased benefits for lowincome Raise benefits for widows and dependent widowers Liberalized skilled nursing home coverage Creates S.S.I. O.A.A., A.P.T.D., and A.B., and misc. progra...
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