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RR14 - Andrew Sims COM 2135 RR14 Ethnography report on...

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Andrew Sims COM 2135 12/1/10 RR14 Ethnography report on Nacirema This culture has some very interesting charactaristics. Their rituals are very unique to their culture and to humanity in general. I realize that there are other groups of cultures that have medicine men, witch doctors, and herbalists. It seems that this culture specifically has a strict chain of command when it comes to them. The ways of this particular culture baffled me while I read this report. I respect that their culture has its own original rituals and remedies for certain ailments, but I never saw the oral fixation coming. The holy-mouth-man has to be the most surprising position to me. He seems like he’s a dentist gone completely wrong. To take a culture that probably has very little concern for oral hygiene, take their cavities and crack them open to release evil spirits seems a little absurd. Not only do they enlarge cavities, but will make one for you if you don’t already have an evil spirit port in your teeth.
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