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William Recktenwald Phone: 618-264-5136 Email: [email protected] Andrew Sims 706-818-2228 [email protected] World traveling journalist to visit Kennesaw State University A Pulitzer Prize nominee and tsunami surviving journalist is due to speak to the KSU community. William (Bill) Recktenwald , twice nominated Pulitzer Prize nominee, senior lecturer and the journalist-in-residence for the School of Journalism at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, is coming to speak to the KSU students on the topic of journalism. The event is open to Kennesaw State University students, faculty, staff, and the general
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Unformatted text preview: public. This experience would be a great chance to come and learn from an expert journalist about the ins and outs of journalism, along with his tsunami surviving story during his efforts to reach out to the nations. • Location: Convocation Center • Date: Nov. 11, 2011 • Time: 7 p.m. • Cost: Free • Parking: Free Parking available at KSU East Parking Deck Recktenwald teaches courses in news writing and reporting, public affairs reporting, feature writing, multi-media project and investigative reporting, and also works his local Daily Egyptian newspaper....
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