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RR3 Journalist Interview

RR3 Journalist Interview - Andrew Sims COM 2135 RR3...

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Andrew Sims COM 2135 RR3 12/6/10 Journalist Interview I have been given the opportunity to interview journalist Bill Recktenwald. William (Bill) Recktenwald is very seasoned in his profession. He was very open to the interview from the time he answered the phone. During this forty-seven minute phone conversation, it was noticeable that this was a man that has been humbled by the experiences in his life. Recktenwald spends his days traveling the world living as an instructor. He is a retired Chicago Tribune reporter, twice nominated Pulitzer Prize nominee, senior lecturer and the journalist-in-residence for the School of Journalism at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. This is something that he has been doing for a long time and continues to enjoy every moment of his craft. When asked about his efforts in Uganda in the year 2006 to instruct a third world country’s group of students, “it was one of the more fulfilling experiences I’ve had thus-far” said Recktenwald. The he told me that the students were very enthused about having him there with
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