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Andrew Sims Comm. 2135 Expert Response 11/8/10 Throughout my research I have learned many things about the way journalist of different backgrounds write for news, public relations, and organizational communication. To be able to call yourself an expert in any topic, you must first be able to understand why each journalist writes the way they do. This I find can be challenging without the proper resources available to you. News stories are made for the public. They are mediums that allow current event’s to be described in a factual, straight-forward manner. I noticed that in news they like to separate their lead to open up their stories. I find it interesting because, when I read a lead from a news story as opposed to a lead from a press release, they were totally different. The news lead separated itself to add an understanding of the story from the jump; that is less likely to be overlooked if it stands strong alone. In the press release, the author placed their lead directly in the first graph as its first sentence. That
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