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Good Night and Good Luck (revisions)

Good Night and Good Luck (revisions) - Andrew Sims Comm...

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Andrew Sims Comm. 2135 RR 12 (Revisions) 11/8/10 Good Night and Good Luck This film gives a nice behind the scenes look at how news was delivered in its early existence. Edward Murrow did the American thing in his efforts to defend his fellow hard- working Americans. Through diligence, he was able to at least raise an investigation of McCarthy. This movie taught me that the relationship between journalism and advertising go together like peas in a pod. There was a commercial in the movie about cigarettes, in which the narrarator put down they way others were advertising, and promoted the tobacco as though it’s real news. I wasn’t even able to tell it was a commercial at first because it was set up as though he was about to present some breaking news. Edward Murrow helped me understand the relationship between democracy and journalism. I am able to relate what’s going on today with the history behind democracy and journalism. Edward Murrow had enough courage to step up and speak out against a political
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