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Andrew Sims Comm. 2135 AP Exercise 5.1 Crash- A fallen jet ends in tragedy at the shopping mall. Pilot Rufus N. Hebernowski, and Air Force major stationed at Little Rock Air force Base, was killed by the crash at noon today. The plane crashed at the new Super Shopping Mall on the western edge of town, destroying 15 cars. No one on the ground was injured or killed during the accident. 5.2 McCartney Illness Famous rock singer enters the hospital to save their voice. Peter McCartney checked into Riverside Hospital late tonight for his surgery, which is scheduled for tomorrow.
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Unformatted text preview: McCartney’s voice was reduced to a whisper following his performance for 1,000 of his fans at a packed Bennett Auditorium last night. 5.3 Professor wins Award Horticulture professor wins George Washington Honor Medal. Clement Crabtree, along with 32 others, was awarded the honor by Freedom foundation at Valley Forge during a ceremony held in Pennsylvania last week. He was given the honor for his essay titled “Plan for Peace”, urging the distribution of red, white and blue flower seeds to foreign nations....
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