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Andrew Sims comm 2135 Gammar exercise

Andrew Sims comm 2135 Gammar exercise - negligence stating...

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Andrew Sims Comm. 2135 Grammar Exercise 5.5 Protest Evolution at the University angers the community. Wilbur Straking, pastor of the Ever-faithful Church of the Living Water, has plans to lead a group of 25 angry Christians to the state capital to speak out about the principles of our country with legislators. Laura Cliff, associate professor of biology would not comment on the teachings of evolution at the University, and why it angered the citizens. 5.5 Lawsuit A woman falls and breaks hip in the market. On April 1, of this year, Ellie Maston slipped on some grean beans left on the floor and broke her hip in Amburn’s Produce Market. Maston filed the lawsuit in Circuit Court today for $100,000, charging the market with
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Unformatted text preview: negligence, stating, she “suffered permanent bodily and mental injuries, incurred medical expenses and lost icome.” 5.6 Malpractice suit Malpractice doesn’t stop Riverside doctors from saving a life. Doctors Barney Olive and Stephen Rogers of riverside Hospital, are on trial for committing malpractice against Bertie McNicholls. Olive and Rogers saved the life of William Hamilton after he suffered a heart attack during final arguments in the case, 73 year old Hamilton is now recovering at Riverside Hospital. The trial is scheduled to resume next week....
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