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Andrew Sims BK news story

Andrew Sims BK news story - Andrew Sims Comm 2135-07 BK...

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Andrew Sims Comm. 2135-07 BK News Story 10/10/10 Mind Blowing Ad The New Burger King sandwich blows minds! In 2010 Burger King released yet another new sandwich. The new BK Super Seven Incher has minds stirring after the release of an advertisement. The advertisement consists of a female’s head with her eyes and mouth open wide toward a laterally erect hoagie style sandwich. The advertisement clearly has sexual references, and could possibly offend potential consumers. Burger King released a statement apologizing for the way they advertised their product, but the statement was not for this advertisement specifically. The statement released actually has nothing to do with the advertisement discussed, but everything to do with an ad that offended the Hindu religion. Burger King Senior Communications Analyst Denise Wilson commented on the companies ads, "Burger King Corporation values and respects all of its guests as well as the communities we serve...[the advertisement] was not intended to offend anyone" said Wilson.
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