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Slide study t_2 - 15 Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty Great Salt Lake Utah 16 Richard Serra Eight bent-steel Sculptures Installation view 17

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ARTE 101 Slide Study Guide Test #2 1. Zhao Xiaomo, Family by the Lotus Pond 2. Rembrandt, Christ Crucified Between the Two Thieves 3. Alex Katz, Red Coat 4. Ansel Adams, Moon and Half-Dome, Yosemite National Park 5. Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre, The Artist’s Studio 6. Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother 7. Sandy Skoglund, Radioactive Cats 8. Eadweard Muybridge, Galloping Horse 9. Edgar Degas, The Little Dancer 10. Michelangelo, The Cross-Legged Captive 11. Louise Bourgeois, Eyes 12. Auguste Rodin, The Walking Man 13. Pablo Picasso, Mandolin and Clarinet 14. Claes Oldenburg, Soft Toilet
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Unformatted text preview: 15. Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty, Great Salt Lake, Utah 16. Richard Serra, Eight bent-steel Sculptures, Installation view 17. Buckminster Fuller, United States Pavilion, Expo 67, Montreal 18. Gustave Eiffel, Eiffel Tower, Paris 19. Gordon Bunshaft, Lever House, New York 20. Frank Lloyd Wright, Kaufmann House, (“Falling Water”) 21. Mangbetu Portrait Bottle , Zaire 22. Henri Matisse, “ Tree of Life , Interior of the Chapel of the Rosary, Venice 23. Roman, 3rd century , Portland Vase Womans Head 24. Ed Rossbach, Handgun...
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