MAN 337.9 test 1 cheat sheet

MAN 337.9 test 1 cheat sheet - CH1: Leadership: influencing...

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CH1 : Leadership : influencing others to create the leader’s vision of the future; Leadership . Management speed up the reaction between individual’s talents and the company’s goals. Great leaders are like alchemists, transforming our legitimate fear of the unknown into confidence in the future. A science and an art : thousands of studies on leadership, some leaders are effective without courses or training, some leadership scholars relatively poor leaders themselves, scholarship gives you an understanding that help individuals better analyze situations using a variety of perspectives which can give leaders insight on how to be more effective; Good leadership is both rational and emotional, ex. is MLK JR . who had to touch emotions in order to move people to action, not just rational analysis or a checklist, emotions play a key role in influencing others, consider both rational and emotional consequences of actions in relation to key human needs (Security, community, clarity, predictability, respect, significance); leadership & followership go hand in hand, a leader without followers is just someone walking down the road; leadership is an interaction between leader, followers, and situation (ex: Alive video shows it’s not just the leader, it’s the followers and the situation and who needs what in the context of that particular situation); both education and reflective experience are important for effective leaders; Myths of leadership : Good Leadership is all Common Sense (How do we know what is practical knowledge, or when common sense should apply and when it should not), Leaders are Born Not Made (Natural talents may offer certain advantages but it does not make him a leader, just like a man’s above average height does not make him a leader(, The ONLy School You Learn Leadership From is the School fo hard Knocks (one of the advantages of formally studying leadership is that it provides students with a variety of ways of examining a particular situation, then you can REFLECT and analyze experiences from multiple perspectives) CH2 :Law of the Lid -your effectiveness as a leader dictates your potential in a firm so you have to push and grow as a leader in order to grow in a firm; Leader (personal history, interests/motivation, character traits, behavior, expertise), Followers : aspects that affect the leadership process are expectations, personality traits, maturity levels, competence, and motivation (ex, think MBTI and Learning Styles), follower variables : shared goals, leader’s number of followers, level f trust with leader and confidence that the leader is interested in their well-being, relationship between leader and follower (ingroup very loyal and lots of power over vs. outgroup which are out of the loop more; Changing Roles for Followers : Increased pressure to function with reduced resources, greater power sharing and decentralization, increase in complex problems, more proactive followers who are “influencing
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MAN 337.9 test 1 cheat sheet - CH1: Leadership: influencing...

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