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Date: September 16, 2009 To: Elota Patton, Lisa Neigut, and David Blanco Team Name : MIS Live!: Bruce Li, Jimmy Hong, Matt Fisher, Reggie Wilson (10am) Subject : MSGP2 – Media and Topic Media Choice: MIS Live! has decided the media tool most suited for our section is a viral video. Member Bruce Li is actually a double major with business as well as film here at the university and is fully capable of filming and editing the project. We will use a camera from the business school and Bruce has access to editing software as well as a computer to run it. For our case section we chose the Microsoft Xbox initial release and instillation of Xbox live. We feel that a viral video would most suit our topic area because our section will require extensive audio and visual aspects which video would be able to handle. We also believe a viral video would be the
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Unformatted text preview: best way to capture Xbox’s extensive capabilities and give us the freedom to express those capabilities. Case Section : We decided that the most interesting part of the case study was Microsoft’s ground breaking steps into the gaming industry and the subsequent leaps that followed. With Microsoft’s first system hitting stores they were already setting records. The strategy and power behind such a campaign is worthy of being recognized and we would like the exploit exactly that. Probably the most revolutionary instillation in the gaming world is Xbox Live! which allows gamers to meet in an online lobby to chat and challenge each other in their respective games. The data systems that must exist for this type of game play to exist must be extraordinary and MIS Live! would like to demonstrate that through our project....
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