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Part 2 - The iPad although priced significantly lower than...

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Matt: 3. What is the most that you would be willing to pay for an iPad given its current features? answered question 100 skipped question 0 Response Percent Response Count Up to $100 10.0% 10 Up to $250 44.0% 44 Up to $500 20.0% 20 Up to $750 4.0% 4 More than $750 1.0% 1 I would not buy an iPad Matt: 4. If the Apple was to release an iPad Version 2.0 including the above missing features, would you purchase it? answered question 100 skipped question 0 Response Percent Response Count Yes 45.0% 45 No Over half of the surveyed population said they wouldn’t even pay half the price for an iPad. This highlights the fact that the iPad is far from a necessity. The iPad is trying to enter into a luxury toy market, which at the moment no one sees the fun in a $500 coffee table coaster.
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Unformatted text preview: The iPad although priced significantly lower than any tablet PC does not offer the features a more expensive tablet PC does. Based on the results of our survey, the iPad is priced much too high for such limited functionality. There was quite the turnaround for users willingness to buy the iPad with additional features. Students and young professionals need multiple applications to be running at the same time to integrate it into their daily lives. Based on our results from the survey almost half of the population said they would purchase an iPad if it included (listed features). Again this highlights the consumers need for (listed features) until the product features matches the consumers need, the iPad will remain a luxury toy....
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