Concert Report Form - themselves on stage 5 What do you notice about the pieces performed Dynamics Tempo changes Moods 6 What was your favorite

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Concert Report Form Name: ______________________ Class: __________________ Concert attended: ________________________ MUS 313/606A 1. What do you see the audience wearing? Formal or informal attire? 2. How does the audience behave during and after the pieces of music? 3. Approximately how many people are in the audience? What are their average ages? 4. What do you notice about the behavior of the performer(s)? How do they conduct
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Unformatted text preview: themselves on stage? 5. What do you notice about the pieces performed? Dynamics? Tempo changes? Moods? 6. What was your favorite piece from this performance? Why? 7. How is this experience different from other concerts you have attended in the past? 8. Did you learn anything from this experience that will help you in your musical pursuits? 9. Comments, questions, etc....
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