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Concert Report Form Wet Ink

Concert Report Form Wet Ink - Concert Report Form Name_Matt...

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Concert Report Form Name: ___Matt Fisher___ Class: MWF 9am MUS 313__ Concert attended: _Wet Ink: New UT Composers____ MUS 313/606A 1. What do you see the audience wearing? Formal or informal attire? Informal dress, very casual setting 2. How does the audience behave during and after the pieces of music? They were quiet and observant during performances, but chatty in between sets. 3. Approximately how many people are in the audience? What are their average ages? There are about 50-75, the average age is about 20 but there are some parents. 4. What do you notice about the behavior of the performer(s)? How do they conduct themselves on stage? They are very professional; all about their work. 5. What do you notice about the pieces performed? Dynamics? Tempo changes? Moods? First piece sounded very heavenly with the high pitched singing. The second piece felt like a renaissance festival, but the percussions helped break up the metonym. The third piece was extremely repetitive and never really changed. The fourth piece changed the
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