Kanye West - M US 313 Matt Fisher Kanye West Kanye West was...

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MUS 313 Matt Fisher Kanye West Kanye West was born in Atlanta Georgia on June 8, 1977 by father Ray West and mother Dr. Donda West. After a divorce three years later, Kanye moved with his mother to Chicago Illinois where he was raised for most of his childhood (Thomson, 2005). Kanye’s father, Ray, was one of the first African America photojournalists doing much of his word for the Journal Constitution which is now known as the Christian Counselor . Dr. Donda West as apparent by the name is more successful in an educational aspect. Dr. West was an English professor at Chicago State University before retiring to serve as Kanye’s manager (Thomson, 2005). Kanye and his mother have always had a very special bond most likely due to being raised solely by her and working with her throughout his career. Kanye actually references his mother in many songs and has one dedicated solely to her called “Hey Mama.” But Kanye did not always start as a rapper, Kanye’s break through role in the industry was producing beats for much more well acclaimed artists. West’s resume begins with his work on Jay-Z’s (Sean Carter) album, The Blueprint . This album reaching stores on September 11, 2001 and featuring Kanye’s beat on the lead single “IZZO (H.O.V.A).” This album definitely put Kanye’s name on the map, but unfortunately because of his excellent job in the studio many record labels were hesitant to put him in front of the microphone (Black Collegian, 2007). Many record companies turned him down time and time again saying he did not have a marketable appearance. Even Jay-Z was hesitant to give Kanye a chance because he saw him as a solid producer, but eventually Jay-Z came around and gave Kanye a chance. On October 23, 2002 Kanye encountered a near death experience in a car crash which left his jaw broken and wired shut for months. It is during this recovery phrase that Kanye drew his inspiration to write and record his first single, “Through the Wire.” (Black Collegian, 2007 ) This song was done all while his jaw was still wired shut after the surgery. This song is actually special
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Kanye West - M US 313 Matt Fisher Kanye West Kanye West was...

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