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Ludwig van Beethoven - MUS 313 Piano Matt Fisher Ludwig Van...

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MUS 313: Piano Matt Fisher February 10, 2009 Ludwig Van Beethoven Ludwig Van Beethoven son of Johann van Beethoven, is allegedly born on December 16, 1770 in Bonn (Abraham, p. 7). During the time of his birth, it was the custom to get baptized the day after birth and there are records of this birth on the 17 th of December which leads historians to believe that his birth occurred on the 16 th . He was born into a very musical family; his grandfather sang bass in the court of Elector of Cologne and eventually became music director. His grandfather had a son Johann who served as tenor for the same court. Ludwig’s mother was Maria Madalena Keverich. Beethoven was one of seven kids, but one of only three to survive; he was the oldest of the remaining three. Even from an early age, Beethoven’s father saw great potential in his son, although he often forced it out of him sometimes bringing out the worst in his father. His father was his first music teacher being so strict causing young Beethoven to cry. Alongside this strict discipline, Beethoven was able to bloom early performing in public are the age of 7. Eventually Beethoven’s ability surpassed his father’s vision, and was forced to study under what became the most influential teacher of his career, Christian Gottlob Neefe (Abraham, p. 38). Neefe was the one who taught Beethoven how to compose, a valuable skill later in Ludwig’s life. In March of 1783, Beethoven published his first composition with 9 variations in C Minor for the piano (Bory, p. 40). Eventually, Beethoven began to work under Neefe as an unpaid assistant, but gradually worked his way to paid employment under his teacher. Neefe wrote to the “Magazine of Music”, where he was quoted in saying, “If he continues like this he will be, without a doubt, the new Mozart (Bory, p.49).”
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Ludwig van Beethoven - MUS 313 Piano Matt Fisher Ludwig Van...

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