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MUS 313 Performance Review Matt Fisher I went to University of Texas Symphony Band which was surprisingly very entertaining. I have never been a real classical fan, but seeing the musicians perform is an entirely different experience. The first song seemed like it would be played at an inspirational point in a movie. The interesting thing about this song is that it was solely wind instruments. The sound got progressively louder which I think assisted the inspirational feeling. It had a significant build up which almost made the audience anxious. The conductor for this piece was very enthusiastic with exaggerated movements which also helped entertain the audience. When the song was over, I thought they were just going to move right into the next piece, but all the musicians got up shuffled around switched chairs and instruments. The next song had a guest conductor with was less enthusiastic than the first, but the song seemed to require much less enthusiasm. This song not only included the original wind instruments but added percussion
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