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Mus 313 Trumpet Recital Matt Fisher The trumpet recital was definitely a new experience for me where I learned the variations and possibilities of music through the trumpet. Before seeing this show, I never thought of the trumpet as an actually instrument; but after hearing all the different sounds the musician, Chris Prause, produce I have a new found appreciation. The first song of the recital had three trumpet players. They would start at different times with different tempos, then meet up during the middle of the song and played in harmony. They separated again and played their own pieces and at the end of the song the musicians would play in harmony again. The second song was much different it featured a piano player and one trumpet. This song was very fast, it had an engaging tempo and fun sound. The musicians performed well together and put on a very collaborative show; although, the trumpet player did overpower the piano at times. This overpowering wasn’t always for the better either, once the
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Unformatted text preview: trumpet player was in the spot light he would mess up occasionally. The mistakes didn’t take away from the overall performance though. After a ten minute intermission, the piano and trumpet player emerged again. The third song started off with only piano in a slow speed, and then the trumpet joined and picked up the pace. The song felt like a rollercoaster with the changing speeds and up and down pitches. The fourth and final song started with fast speed from the piano player and was soon joined with the trumpet player. This song reminded me of something from toy story. I felt like the music came to life in a juvenile way. Nearing the end of the piece, the notes got shorter and faster. Overall, this was a great performance and the trumpet player did a tremendous job in preparation except for a few hiccups in the second song he played to perfection. They held a very professional atmosphere and were worthy of ever round of applause....
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