Wet Ink Review - seem the composer put much thought into...

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Wet Ink Review Matt Fisher The concert I attended was more of a recital where new composers can get out their music. Almost seemed like a test drive of their pieces. I felt like the pieces could have been more complex but everyone starts somewhere and I was very impressed with the performer’s ability to play their instruments. The students performing seemed to really enjoy being in front of the stage. As each act came on the audience could tell how excited the performers were that we were there to witness their music. I would say that the first group was short and sweet. It was nice to see their ability and range and the composer really incorporated a lot of elements in the piece, but it was also nice for it to not wrong on and become a drag. In the second piece, the flute player really took his music seriously while the percussion player was just enjoying himself. Their movements on stage really flowed with the music, but I didn’t feel the flute was very engaging. The third piece it did not
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Unformatted text preview: seem the composer put much thought into their piece. They used metronome to stay on beat which ended up getting very annoying through their entire set. It didn’t seem like they had practiced much together and it got extremely repetitive and lacked a lot of originality. The fourth group was definitely the best; it was a piano player and a soprano singer. The piano player was obviously very experienced and had a passion for the piece she was entertaining to listen to and watch. Overall, the show was interesting to see and really opened my eyes to an entire new realm of music. I had always just been a listener of music, but now I got to see the effort that goes into writing and performing music. I would like to see these same composers in a year or so and see what sort of changes or progress they have made to their works. Wet Ink Review Matt Fisher...
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Wet Ink Review - seem the composer put much thought into...

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